Business Instant Payout: automate your payment transactions

With Business Instant Payout, your company can fully automate its payment transactions via a direct connection between your application and Rabobank. That helps reduce manual transactions outside of your own system, improves your cash management activities and reduces costs and risks.

Business Instant Payout is perfect for businesses or payment platforms that transfer money to their customers’ and employees’ accounts around the clock. Examples include health insurers, Payment Service Providers or companies that use deposits for activities like renting tools, vacation accommodations or cars.

How does it work?

With the Business Instant Payout API, your application can send signed individual payment orders to Rabobank. These euro payments are then processed immediately, without a user interface like Rabo Business Banking.

What are the benefits for your organization?

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Better cash management

Improve cash management activities with lower costs and risks

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Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction thanks to instant payment solution

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Large numbers of separate payment orders

Send large numbers of separate payment orders and request their payment status

Online Payment Platform and Business Instant Payout

Online Payment Platform is a payment service provider that serves around 150 online trading platforms throughout Europe. For payouts, the company uses Business Instant Payout.

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