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Choose for convenience with the plug-ins for Rabo OmniKassa

Webshop owners have enough to worry about, so they don’t have much time to think about the integration of online payment methods. Fortunately, the fastest way to arrange that is with a Rabo OmniKassa plug-in. The plug-in allows you to link the Rabo OnlineKassa for online payments to your webshop in no time - without the assistance of a developer.

Webshops booming

Webshops are booming during the coronavirus pandemic. That makes plenty of sense, because an online shop is the safest way to sell your products today. Webshop owners who want to link payment options like iDEAL, PayPal or Mister Cash to their webshop can do so easily using Rabo OnlineKassa, part of Rabo OmniKassa. Every payment method can be individually linked, even international payments. The OmniKassa dashboard allows you to call up the current status and details of transactions, or to add and delete payment methods.

Easy linkage

You can link OmniKassa and OnlineKassa to a webshop either by calling directly to the API or using a plug-in. If you use a webshop package, then the easiest way is to use a plug-in . All you need to do is download the plug-in, copy the keys from the OmniKassa dashboard, and configure the plug-in. Webshop technical administrators can do that themselves, without the assistance of a developer. And if you run into questions or problems, Rabobank’s technical partner CodeBrain is standing by to help via e-mail. CodeBrain also develops and maintains the plug-ins, so they know exactly what to do.

For any webshop

The plug-in is available for any large webshop, from WooCommerce to OpenCart and PrestaShop. It doesn’t matter which on-premise system you use, such as Magento or a SaaS solution like Lightspeed. The plug-ins are available for download via ideal-checkout.nl. But native plug-ins are also available for an ever-growing number of webshops. They can be downloaded from the individual webshop system stores, and they are updated automatically.

Constant development

More and more functionalities are being released for the plug-ins. For example, the option of initiating refunds is currently under development. This functionality enables the system to automatically process refunds when a customer returns a product. It will also soon be possible to automatically generate overviews of transactions. In short; the plug-ins aren’t just easy to use, they’re also becoming even more functional.