Header afbeeldingen van twee IT-professionals met de Rabo OmniKassa koppeling

Developer’s kit offers simple link to Rabo OmniKassa

To ensure that links between online portals and payment platform Rabo OmniKassa run smoothly, Rabobank has provided a developer’s kit for IT professionals. Kratz Business Solutions made eager use of it. ‘I’d recommend it to everyone.’

Technical solutions

IT firm Kratz Business solutions manages and maintains IT infrastructure for a wide range of companies. It also develops various software applications, including business applications. “I also have a background in business administration”, says engineer Erik Kratz. “So I completely understand the logistical and financial issues that companies face. And as a software architect, I can then join with our developers to come up with good technical solutions to those problems.”

Customized system

Kratz and his team work for national and international exchange-listed corporations, but also for small- and medium-sized enterprises. “We recently built a customized system for a law office specialized in migrant services”, says Kratz. “The office focuses on international employees who want to start work in the Netherlands, and need to go through all of the legal procedures. This office handles their applications, and therefore has contact with both business and private clients. We developed a web portal for them that arranges the entire case file, all the way to invoicing. The portal also facilitates the exchange of documents, for example.”

Payment link

To make invoicing as simple as possible for both the business and the private clients, the portal makes a link to Rabo OmniKassa. Kratz: “The system we’ve developed produces an invoice based on calculations of a fixed amount per hour, then sends it via e-mail. The mail contains a payment link that the recipient can use to quickly and easily pay via iDEAL or credit card. Rabo OmniKassa then processes the payment and we receive a notification that the payment is complete.”

Smooth sailing

To make the link between the portal and Rabo OmniKassa, Kratz uses the software developer’s kit provided by Rabobank. And he says that it was all smooth sailing: “As an IT expert, I’m very critical, but I have to say that it was easy to use. The documentation provided is really great.”

“Thanks to the software developer’s kit, this is one of the few times that a link has gone so smoothly.”

“And I know what I’m talking about: we make a lot of links, for example with bookkeeping systems. And it goes wrong way too often. But it worked perfectly with Rabo OmniKassa. I’d recommend it to everyone.”

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