We will be pleased to assist if you start or are importing

You wish to start importing. For example, because you want to sell products which are not available in the Netherlands or because you need raw materials for your production processes.

Importing can be complicated. With our international know-how, we can help you organise your purchases abroad in a safe and efficient manner. Come and talk to us about your import plans so that we can assess the options together.

Legislation and regulations

Which product requirements do you have to consider, and which legislation and regulations apply if you decide to start importing goods? Does the local legislation apply, or can you rely on the legal processes in the Netherlands? It is always a good idea to get legal advice. Both the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the International Chamber of Commerce can support you in this. In addition, the Rabo International Desk can refer you to local partners who can advise you.

Risk management when importing

What are the risks for importers and how can you manage them? We give an overview below. Your account manager can also advise you.


There is always the risk that orders will be delivered late (or even not at all), which can cause problems for you. For example, if you have already sold the goods you ordered to another party. Therefore, it is important to record agreements properly, and maybe to request a performance bond as security. Your adviser can tell you what this kind of guarantee needs to cover.


The cost of transporting your goods is often a substantial percentage of the total invoice value. That is why it is extremely important to make proper agreements with your trading partner regarding both transport costs and freight insurance. You can do this by using the standard international agreements (Incoterms) of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Find out more on the website of the International Chamber of Commerce,


Naturally, you expect your ordered goods to be of a certain quality but their quality may still be substandard. With a performance bond (bank guarantee) from your supplier you can submit a claim if the supplier does not fulfil his agreements.

We are also pleased to advise you on the use of documentary products, such as documentary collection and Letters of Credit (L/C). These payment products offer additional security with respect to the quality of the goods in the form of quality documentation before you actually pay.


Foreign currency rates are always changing and you need to protect your business against unfavourable exchange rate movements. Rabobank has a variety of products to help you manage your currency risks.

Rabo Corporate Connect

If you wish to stay up-to-date on the latest exchange rate developments or read about the expectations of Rabobank economists in this area, go to Rabo Corporate Connect, the transaction portal for large corporations.

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Product liability

Regulations relating to product liability and sanctions policy may differ considerably from one country to another. In cooperation with our International Desks, your account manager can tell you exactly which policies apply in the countries you trade with.

Countries and banks risk

Before you start doing business with a foreign supplier, it is a good idea to examine the political and economic stability of the country in question. If you wish to accept security such as a bank guarantee from a bank that you are not yet familiar with, it is advisable to first research the creditworthiness and reliability of that bank.

The situation in a country may change in the time it takes to go from contract negotiations to delivery and payment, and the consequences of this for your company may not always be positive. Furthermore, you may have to deal with amendments to sanctions policy. You should take this into account, or you will not be able to fulfil your payment obligations.


Sometimes your working capital will not be sufficient to make a large payment to a supplier. We offer our corporate customers a variety of credit facilities to enable them to bridge their financing requirements. Your account manager can tell you which form of finance is most suitable for your company.

International payments

You want to be able to decide yourself how and when you pay your suppliers. The following products are available for this. Make an appointment with your account manager to decide which possibilities best suit your payment conditions.

Euro payments and World payments

These payment options allow you to transfer money quickly and safely inside and outside Europe.

Read more about Euro payments and World payments

Documentary payment products

If you opt for a documentary payment product, you have the following options.

  • Documentary Collection: you only have to pay if documents from your supplier demonstrate that delivery has taken place. You receive these documents from the bank for payment or acceptance.
  • Letter of Credit: this payment condition offers you as an importer more security in the context of an international transaction. You only pay your supplier if the supplier submits the documents you have described in the L/C. You can, for example, ask for a certificate that provides an accurate impression of the quality of the goods you have purchased.

Read more about documentary payment

Foreign currency account

A foreign currency account is a current account with which you can receive and pay foreign currency. You can purchase your currency in advance so that you know what your import transaction will cost you.

Read more about foreign currency accounts (in Dutch)

Rabo Corporate Connect

Rabo Corporate Connect is the large corporates transaction portal for your international money flows. It enables you to arrange and review all your payments, currency purchases and currency sales directly online. If you do not (or not yet) have Rabo Corporate Connect, you can monitor and arrange your money flows online via Rabo Internet Banking Professional.