Operating systems and browsers

It is important to us that the information on our website is clear for everyone, and that our site is easy for you to use.

The Rabobank pages have been developed using modern internet technology and work best with the following operating systems and browsers:

Services via rabobank.nl

Operating systems with browser

  • Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11, Edge, latest version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Windows 7 with latest version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Apple OS X 10.11 or higher with latest version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome
  • Linux Ubuntu with latest version of Firefox or Chrome

Browsers (such as Internet Explorer) are regularly modified by plug-ins or extensions. In most cases, www.rabobank.nl will continue to operate as usual. Very occasionally, however, the plug-in or extension may impact the functionality of www.rabobank.nl, and it may not work, or not work properly, as a result. In that case, you can use another browser as an alternative for the purposes of Rabo Internet Banking.

Operating systems with mobile browsers

  • iOS 9.x or higher with Safari or Chrome
  • Android 4.4 or higher with Chrome

A mobile browser does not present the services on rabobank.nl in the same way as a browser on a PC or laptop. In most cases, rabobank.nl will operate as usual. Occasionally, some functionality will not work, or not work properly. We advise you to use a browser on a PC or laptop computer in that case.

Services via Rabo Banking App

Operating system

  • iOS 9.x or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher

Updated Rabo Banking App

The updated app is suitable for Android 4.4 or higher and for iOS 9.x or higher. 

Operating systems (such as Android) are regularly customised by suppliers of devices or providers. In most cases, the Rabo Banking App will continue to work as usual. Very occasionally, however, the customisation may impact the functionality of the Rabo Banking App, as a result of which it will not work or not work properly. In that case you can use Rabo Mobile Banking via m.rabobank.nl as an alternative.

Alternative operating systems and browsers

A number of older and alternative operating systems and browsers do not display pages optimally and may be less secure. Also, some functionalities may not work with these operating systems and browsers. We advise you to use one of the combinations stated above.

Strict security requirements

For safe banking, your browser must comply with the latest security requirements. Older browsers therefore do not comply with those requirements and are accordingly not supported by Rabobank. Internet Explorer 8 is an example of this. Other browsers that can only use the security protocol SSLv3 are likewise no longer supported.

Browser up-to-date

Browsers are often updated with more and better security technology. Therefore, check regularly whether you are using the latest version of your browser. Use the help function of your browser to check the version.

Discontinuation of support for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 with Internet Explorer 9 or 10

Does your computer use Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 9 or 10? If so, you will no longer be able to use www.rabobank.nl and Rabo Internet Banking as from 1 October 2016. The latest browser versions are listed below. We advise you to download and install one of these browser versions to ensure you can continue to use this site and Rabo Internet Banking after 1 October.

Operating system up-to-date

Make sure that your operating system has the latest updates. You can use the links below to install the latest software updates.

Microsoft Windows Update

Apple OS X Update

Download latest browser version

You can use the links below to download and install the latest browser version.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer

Download Google Chrome

Download Apple Safari

Cookies in your browser

We have placed cookies on this website. In Rabo Internet Banking, one of the functions of cookies is to ensure that you do not have log in again with your Rabo Scanner for each screen.

Read more on the use of cookies (Dutch)