Carbon Insights

Every day we make thousands of choices. What we eat tonight, whether we buy that nice t-shirt, how we commute to work. All of these choices we make, cause CO2-impact. Driving a car causes more CO2-emissions than cycling, production of meat has more impact than local vegetables, etc.

Conscious choices

But how do we make our choices more consciously? And how sustainable are your purchases? Rabobank wants to take the first step by giving you a first insight into your CO2-emissions. Based on your transactions we can show you what your CO2-impact is and we give you tips on what green choices you can make. Want to join? Apply voluntarily by using the instructions below.

How does Carbon Insights look?

How do I use Carbon Insights?

Go to the Rabo App and log in to your account.
Go to the Rabo Store, you find the store in the menu at the bottom of the Rabo App.
In the Rabo Store you will find a button about Carbon Insights that says “Hoe duurzaam zijn jouw aankopen?” or "How sustainable are your purchases?". Click on this to sign up.
You will receive an email as soon as Carbon Insights is available to you.
After receiving this e-mail, go back to the button in the Rabo Store. You can start using Carbon Insights!


Questions? Click here for Service or read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Using Carbon Insights is completely voluntary. Only after giving permission, you take part in the feature. At any given moment you can deregister and withdraw this permission. Your data does not leave Rabobank.

Frequently asked questions about Carbon Insights

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Growing a better world together

Working on a better world, together. That is Rabobank’s goal.

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