M00200113 - Rabobank

The future is cooperative

We have worked in the same way since our foundation: together, as a cooperative. And we will continue to do so, because the future, too, is cooperative. Making our lives and businesses more sustainable is the number one challenge of our time. That is why we help strengthen communities and make the local living environment across the Netherlands greener.

“Our mission: Growing a better world together”

We embrace innovation, growth and sustainability, and invest in joint solutions that benefit everyone: our clients, their neighborhoods and the world. We also invest part of our profits in society – sometimes in your neighborhood, sometimes further afield, for example by helping African farmers. In this way we support and learn from each other. Together, we make sure that we stay financially healthy and that our villages and cities remain attractive and dynamic.


Working together on global transitions

We are involved in what is going on in society. We contribute to strengthening our shared living environment and making it future-proof – so that people can make the choices that matter most to them, both now and in the future. That is what our mission, “Growing a better world together,” represents: making the way in which we live and work more sustainable. To do that, we focus on three major global transitions: the food transition, the climate and energy transition and the transition to a more inclusive society. Within those, we concentrate on five themes: