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Faster invoicing with e-invoicing

As a vendor, you naturally want your invoices to be paid as quickly as possible. That is why Rabobank is switching from receiving pdf invoices to e-invoicing. E-invoicing is safer, more efficient and faster than pdf invoicing. It reduces the risk of errors and allows us to pay your invoice faster. Read all about e-invoicing below.

What is e-invoicing?

An e-invoice (electronic invoice) is a structured electronic document (not a pdf) in which all the data are in fixed locations in the file and have their own meanings. An e-invoice can be processed electronically from one automated system to another. Whether you use an accounting system or not, whether you send many or few invoices: electronic invoicing is always possible.

How safe is it?

Your e-invoice to Rabobank is sent via a secure connection of our service provider TIEKinetix, ensuring that the personal and other data on the invoice are well protected. TIEKinetix is specialised in e-invoicing and has significant experience in supporting vendors who switch to this way of invoicing.

An additional advantage: a number of actions are automated. This reduces the risk of errors and enables us to pay your invoice faster.

How does e-invoicing work?

There are three ways to send your e-invoice:

1. Through the Rabobank e-invoicing portal

Don’t have an accounting system or don’t send many invoices? The Rabobank e-invoicing portal makes it easy. You log in, manually create an electronic invoice online, and then securely send it directly to Rabobank. This is the most convenient way if you only send a few invoices per month or per year to Rabobank.

2. Direct connection with your accounting package through Peppol

Do you send invoices to multiple debtors on a daily basis? Then you can send e-invoices through the international Peppol network. Peppol stands for Pan European Public Procurement OnLine. Through Peppol, you can send e-invoices to any other connected organization or government agency. As the vendor, you are the sending party and you can decide which provider will connect your administrative system to the international Peppol network. When you are connected to this network you can start sending e-invoices to Rabobank. Check out Peppol’s website for a list of providers who can connect you to the network. Do you already have this connection? Please get in touch with TIEKinetix to find out the next steps.

3. From pdf to Peppol invoice

Do you not use an ERP system or are there other reasons to have PDF invoices converted to a Peppol invoice? In that case, our service provider TIEKinetix can help you with this, in accordance with all applicable legal requirements. Simple, inexpensive and safe.

Need help choosing the e-invoicing option that best suits your organization? Then contact TIEKinetix at

What do I need to do to be able to send an e-invoice to Rabobank?

To be able to start sending e-invoices to Rabobank, first fill in the registration form. Your registration will allow us to recognize you as a Rabobank vendor and to successfully receive and process invoices. After you sign up, you will receive an activation email with further instructions. After that, you can submit e-invoices via the Rabobank vendor portal or Peppol.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the payment status of my invoice?

Curious about the status of your submitted invoice? You can ask chatbot Billy 24/7. Billy works best with the Chrome or Edge browsers and is linked to our accounts payable system.

Billy searches for information on an invoice based on bank account number, invoice number and the amount. No account or login is required. Chatbot Billy reports the following statuses:

1. Invoice paid on date;

2. Invoice is approved and will be paid on date;

3. Invoice is still being processed;

4. Invoice removed/returned with reason.

If Billy does not find the account number, it may be that it is a new supplier that has yet to be incorporated in our administration. In that case, try again a few days later.

In addition, Billy provides general information about:

Submitting invoices;

Reasons for return of an invoice;

Requests for outstanding and paid items list;

Chamber of Commerce and VAT number;

Cost centre.

If Billy cannot find the answer, he will refer you to a colleague at the FSC Service Desk.

Tip: Billy works best when you ask short questions, such as 'Invoice paid' or 'Invoice status'.

What requirements must my invoices fulfil?

For your invoicing to run smoothly, your e-invoice must meet a number of requirements, some legal and others imposed by Rabobank:

Legal requirements

1. Full company name and address;

2. Company name and address of Rabobank;

3. Unique invoice number;

4. Invoice date;

5. VAT data (such as rate and VAT number).

More information on the legal invoice requirements can be found on the website of the Tax Authorities.

Rabobank’s additional requirements

1. Specification of a PO number (700XXXXXXX), WBS code (P.012345.01) or cost centre (123456). This information can be obtained from your contact at Rabobank;

2. Name of Rabobank department and/or contact person;

3. Full description of services and goods provided

Can I still invoice via PDF?

As of June 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to submit your invoice as a PDF. For now, we can still process PDF invoices for existing vendors, but we ask that you switch to electronic invoicing soon. This is subject to legal and Rabobank requirements.

For the sake of completeness, we have listed them below:

There must be a PO number, project code or cost centre on the first page of your invoice. You can obtain this information from your contact at Rabobank. The invoice must be addressed to Rabobank and not to an employee personally. Each PDF file must contain only one invoice. Any attachments, such as a work order or time sheet, must be merged with the invoice into one file. Separate attachments will be detached from the invoice and not processed. Maximum of 20 pdf attachments per e-mail, with a unique file name.

Please mail your pdf invoices to:

For Rabobank (head office and branches):
For foreign Rabobank branches:

Use this address on your invoice:

Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.
Attn. department/name of contact person
Croeselaan 18
3521 CB Utrecht

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Do you have any questions about:

For general questions about e-invoicing, please contact Rabobank at Want to contact TIEKinetix directly? Send an email to or call 088 369 8000. Need information about submitting/the status of invoice, returns, payment specifications or open items lists? Ask chatbot Billy for answers. If Billy cannot find the answer, he will refer you to a colleague at the Service Desk. Sending a reminder or warning? Send an email to