General Members Council

The General Members Council (ALR) is Rabobank’s highest governing body. In the ALR, the members are represented by chairpersons of local supervisory boards. The ALR has about 100 members and meets four times per year. It is a member body, as only directly elected member representatives participate in it. The ALR has a broad focus and concentrates on the activities within the cooperative, local Rabobanks, subsidiaries and affiliated companies both in the Netherlands and abroad. Within the cooperative, the ALR fulfils the role of owner on behalf of 2.1 million members.

Role of the General Members Council

The ALR is responsible for the strategy and identity, the budget and the performance of the entire Rabobank organization. On behalf of the members, the ALR ensures that Rabobank’s role in society is a perceptible, tangible and visible part of its cooperative identity. The ALR reports on the execution of the strategy by the Managing Board and the supervision thereof by the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board is appointed by the ALR and its chair leads the General Members Council.

ALR members have a strong connection with the members. To this end, they gather information from entities including the local member councils in advance and are accountable afterwards for the decision-making process and their own position.