50 years of impact

50 years of impact

Established in 1974, this year Rabo Foundation is celebrating its 50 year anniversary. Learn more about our history, some of our many success stories and our plans for the future!

Our story

In 1974, we were founded with the perspective that together we achieve more than individually. Not everyone has the same fair opportunities. This can be due to social differences or economic disparities. This holds true globally. To give everyone a fair chance, we began financing socio-economic projects in both the Netherlands and Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Twenty years later, in 1994, our way of working was slightly adjusted. As one of the first foundations, we started offering loans. This way, organizations can become more self-sufficient. In addition to providing loans, it also involves creating a network where, for example, people connect with those who pay fair prices for products.

Beyond making social and economic differences, the climate is changing rapidly. The foundation decided to focus on making environmental impact as well in 2019. Especially in the agricultural sector, this is crucial. By sharing knowledge, farmers are prepared for the future and can cultivate in the most sustainable way possible. This, too, contributes to self-reliance.

By all this, Rabo Foundation is not only just a foundation. It builds a solid foundation for a sustainable future.

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Impact stories

Over the past 50 years we have made impact all around the globe. From smallholder farmers in three continents, to social enterprises in the Netherlands. Want to learn more about our success stories? Click on our impact stories.