Netherlands | Social entrepreneurship

Thami & Fadi on business practices with new talent

17 January 2023 16:31

Connecting makers. Uniting people. That’s what Makers Unite is for. Creative new talent in the Netherlands can follow an internship here to develop their skills. And they work with locals to create sustainable clothing and textile products. This is how founder Thami is helping to build an inclusive society. And how studio manager Fadi gives new meaning to materials and to his life in the Netherlands.

Makers Unite as a social enterprise

Makers Unite is a social enterprise that connects newcomers with local makers. They produce sustainable textile products, from design to delivery. With its talent development program, Makers Unite is helping those newcomers with a creative background to make a start in the Netherlands. Like Fadi, they form part of a community. They use their creative talent to design and produce sustainable clothing and merchandise for brands including Ben & Jerry’s. This is how Makers Unite brings social and sustainable benefits to everyone.

Thami Schweichler

“I believe it’s crucial for social entrepreneurs to have a strong financial model with direct connections to KPIs for social impact.”

Thami is co-founder and director of Makers Unite. He launched his company in 2016, in which creative newcomers and local makers work together to create sustainable clothing and merchandise.