Rabobank is a social bank. We want to make a substantial contribution to the well-being and prosperity of the Netherlands and to solving the global food challenge. In order to achieve these goals, we focus on supporting our clients, their communities and the world around them. We do this using our knowledge, network and financing.


The Netherlands is a leader in the food and agriculture sector. Rabobank has contributed to this position through its agricultural origins and aims to continue making a relevant, sustainable contribution to the global food and agriculture sector in the future.

Due to population growth and changes in people’s diets, our target is to increase the availability of affordable, nutritious food while respecting producers and the planet. At the same time, our efforts to support and speed up the food transition provide opportunities to strengthen our market position. We seek to maintain our top global position as a food and agriculture bank by helping our clients reduce emissions, avoid waste and make smart, responsible use of scarce land and water resources. With our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we can make a real difference.

Through Banking4Food, we want to play a key role in the social debate surrounding the global food transition and thus connect producers and consumers, farmers and citizens. With Rabobank as the market leader in the agriculture sector in the Netherlands, Banking for the Netherlands and Banking4Food are closely intertwined. Our extensive knowledge and networks in the globally leading Dutch food and agriculture sector are at Rabobank’s core.

Banking for the Netherlands

Rabobank feels a strong connection with its clients and members, and therefore with the future of the Netherlands. It is in our cooperative DNA. If our clients are flourishing, we are flourishing, too. With a strong foothold in the Netherlands, we want to help SMEs and businesses of all sizes to thrive and grow sustainably. After all, this sector is the source of jobs, innovation and prosperity.

We also want to help private clients become and remain financially healthy. In doing so, we strengthen the earning capacity of the Netherlands, the sustainability of households and the living environment of local communities. Thanks to our local presence, at the heart of society, we are ideally placed to respond to relevant topics on the local and regional agenda.

As a cooperative bank, we can stand out by making a targeted contribution to the challenges facing the Netherlands over the coming years. Through Banking for the Netherlands, we are strengthening the Netherlands of the future.

Four pillars

In addition to being a rock-solid bank, we want to be a meaningful cooperative. In order to achieve this, we have established four pillars that form our strategy.