A new look for familiar financing

With Rabobank Embedded Lending, Rabobank can offer Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises an innovative form of lending; one where collaboration with partners is essential. Martijn Kwant, Head of Strategy & Innovation Business Clients at Rabobank, explains.

“Until a few years ago, if an entrepreneur needed financing, they had to physically go to a Rabobank location and talk with the account manager. But over the past few years, that contact has shifted more towards the telephone and online. With Rabobank Embedded Learning, we can now go a step further, and bring financing closer to the Small- and Medium-sized Entrepreneur. Specifically: to the channels where the entrepreneur is already active as part of their operations.”

Martijn Kwant

“Conveniently and quickly submitting a loan application at the place where you arrange all your other business: that’s the future of Embedded Lending. It’s a way for us as a bank to extend a hand to entrepreneurs. Together with our partners, we help them grow their business”, explains Martijn Kwant, Head of Strategy & Innovation Business Clients Rabobank.

The press of a button

“How does that work? Say that an entrepreneur is doing their bookkeeping, and notices that the cashflow is a bit less than expected. In that case, they have the option of pre-financing their invoices with the press of a button from their own bookkeeping program. That’s how we envision Rabobank Embedded Lending. We offer solid financing products that customers have been accustomed to for the past 120 years, but via our partner companies’ digital channels. As a bank, we have access to a vast quantity of transaction data, so we can also make the customer a loan offer within 15 minutes. That way, the entrepreneur has access to their money right away, and they can focus all their energy on doing business.”

Helping entrepreneurs grow together

“We expect that a large part of the financing market will shift towards our partners’ digital channels within the next few years. And we at Rabobank have the ambition of following our customers in every move they make. We’re already studying which channels are best to offer our services, to make requesting a loan as easy as possible. In that search, we prefer to work together with partners to discover how we can be as relevant as possible for their customers. That’s how we work with our partners to help SMEs grow.”

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