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Eleanor helps self-employed entrepreneurs get paid right away

Eleanor brings people together. Does anyone have work that needs to be done? Freelancers often hear about new opportunities via their networks. And with Eleanor, the people who connect that network can be rewarded for their efforts. If a freelancer takes on an assignment referred via Eleanor, then they can also arrange the administration and invoicing via Eleanor too. To keep them from having to wait to get their money, Eleonor has integrated Invoice Financing in its platform. And now, both the freelancers and their referrals can get paid right away.

Integration in every step of the customer journey

To provide the best possible service to their customers, Eleanor offers Invoice Financing at several moments in the process.


The homepage immediately mentions the option of financing invoices, which is one way Eleanor stands out from the competition. Freelancers know that they can quickly receive payment for the invoices they submit.

Utilization – overview

When a networker or freelancer logs in to the Eleanor environment, they can see which of their clients’ invoices are still unpaid. They can also choose to receive immediate payment for the invoice by clicking on a link in the site.

Use - invoicing

When an invoice is sent, the networker or freelancer also has the option of receiving immediate payment. They can scan a QR code to request Invoice Financing right away.

Limited integration with a test-and-learn approach

Invoice Financing is embedded in the front-end of Eleanor at several moments in the customer journey. That makes it possible to measure where it is most relevant for Eleanor users. Since Eleanor is still in the start-up phase, they have not yet chosen for full integration. The user’s opinion is leading in the development of the platform. In this phase, it is precisely the limited integration of Invoice Financing that offers the most flexibility and adds immediate value for the users.

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“Eleanor is grateful for this unique partnership with Rabobank, because their innovative financing solution adds a lot of value for the platform’s users.”

Would you like to offer Invoice Financing, just like Eleanor?

Would you like to learn more about Invoice Financing, or to discuss how the service can enrich your platform? Then please feel free to contact us!