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Buy Now Pay Later: lower the purchase threshold for your customers

Do you offer products or services that entrepreneurs need to grow? Then help them facilitate the purchase with Buy Now Pay Later! Buy Now Pay Later gives your customer the opportunity to pay in instalments or defer payment. Your customer requests a short-term working capital loan from Rabobank. If the request is approved, then they can make the purchase. You receive the purchase amount right away, and the customer pays back the loan for favorable terms within the agreed-upon period.

The benefits of Buy Now Pay Later include:

The benefits of Buy Now Pay Later include:

Growth is not limited by a temporary shortage of working capital. Fast and convenient. Loan applications can be submitted directly in your platform. Competitive rates. Our rates make Buy Now Pay Later an attractive financing option for your customer.

Buy Now Pay Later is an innovation product by Rabobank. As a cooperative bank, we prefer to work together with partners to realize and improve this product. That means we remain closely involved in the process in order to understand your needs and those of your customers, and to make sure that the product addresses those needs.

The benefits of Buy Now Pay Later in your platform

Help your customers grow

Entrepreneurs with a temporary shortage of working capital can use Buy Now Pay Later to invest in their company’s growth.

Up to 40% more income

Research by Block has shown that consumers spend 40% more per transaction.

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50% more successful transactions

The addition of Buy Now Pay Later results in 50% more successful transactions, according to a survey by Block.

How can you integrate Buy Now Pay Later into your platform?

We prefer to work closely together with our partners at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. In the process, we deal with every relevant issue, such as technical implementation, the business case, the objectives, the customer journey, marketing activities and the learning & optimization agenda. Our partner manager is the main point of contact, but a team of experts is always standing by to make the implementation a success.


Discover the opportunities

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our partner managers to see how Buy Now Pay Later can strengthen your platform. We would be happy to tell you more about market developments, the product and how it adds value for you and your customer. You can ask any question you like, and we’d be happy to brainstorm with you.


Exploration and business case

Together, we will explore how Buy Now Pay Later can strengthen your platform. We’ll look at the business case and discuss the goals and general timeline. We’ll also make an estimate of the work and capacity needed for the realization.


Customer validation, customer journey & activation workshops

Customer relevance is the foundation for the choice of integrating Buy Now Pay Later into your platform. To make the product a success within your platform, we conduct several interviews to identify the potential of integration and to sketch out the customer journey. Our marketing experts brainstorm with you and collaborate to familiarize your team with the new payment option.


Enter into the partnership!

Now that we have a clear plan, it’s time to sign the documents and toast our successful partnership! After this festive moment, we’ll officially join forces to successfully implement Buy Now Pay Later into your platform.

Offer your customers Buy Now Pay Later

Would you like to learn more about Buy Now Pay Later, or to discuss how the service can enrich your platform? Then please feel free to contact us!