Offer in3 Business in your platform

Do your customers prefer to pay for their purchase later or in installments? That's possible with in3 Business, the Installment Payment Solution from Rabobank and in3. You are guaranteed to receive payment while your customer is given the option to pay in three installments.

    This allows your customer to buy directly from you, even if your own working capital does not allow for this immediately but the growth opportunity is there.This payment solution is suitable for online point-of-sale transactions as well as invoice flows and physical stores.In3 Business is being developed in collaboration with our partner in3.Currently in pilot.
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Offer your customers convenience with business payments through in3 Business

Do you offer products or services that entrepreneurs need to grow? Then help them make the purchase possible with the Installment Payment Solution in3 Business from Rabobank and in3! This solution allows your business customer to pay in three installments. Your customer's purchase is instantly approved after a short verification process. You are guaranteed to receive the purchase amount and your customer repays the purchase amount within the agreed installments without interest and fees.

The benefits for your users

The benefits of business payment in three installments are:

    Growth not limited by a temporary shortage of working capital. Easy and fast. Requested directly in your platform. Socially responsible. The payment solution is free of charge for your customers. No interest is charged to your customer.

in3 Business is an innovative product of Rabobank in cooperation with in3. As a cooperative bank, we like to work with partners to realize and improve this product. This means that we work closely together during the process in order to properly understand your needs and those of your customer and tailor the product accordingly.

The benefits of in3 Business in your platform


Help your customers grow

Entrepreneurs with a temporary shortage of working capital can still invest in the growth of their business with in3 Business.


Financial flexibility

Create financial space and keep control of your company's cash flow.

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Reduce your customer's purchase risk

Your customer pays only one-third immediately upon purchase. Your customer pays the other two installments within 60 days.

Discover the possibilities and opportunities

n3 Business is a pilot in partnership with in3. Have a no-obligation conversation with a partner manager to see how in3 Business can enhance your platform. We'll tell you more about market developments, the product and how it adds value for you and your customer. You can ask all your questions and we are happy to think along with you.

Offer your customers convenience with business payments through in3 Business

At this time, our proposition is still available on a limited basis during the pilot. Would you like to learn more or discuss how this service can enhance your platform? Contact us or sign up directly!