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What are Rabo Embedded Services?

You’re always looking for ways to develop your company, innovate and make it grow. Linking your business operations to our financial products and services can help you serve your customers even better. Upgrade your platform with Rabo Embedded Services and see how our solutions can offer added value to your business. Let’s join forces and create an even more complete selection for your customers.

The future of banking

In the old days, a bank was an office. Then it became a website. Today, you can integrate Rabobank’s banking services directly into your company’s platform. So that we can both be where our customers are, instead of making them come to us. By embedding Rabobank’s banking services into your platform, we can help your end users grow sustainably together. And help your platform grow too in the process.

You can quickly and easily integrate our embedded services into your platform using the ready-to-implement APIs, to help make your platform even better for your end users.

Offer added value for your business with Rabo Embedded Services

Enrich your platform with a broad service portfolio by Rabobank

A variety of solutions in the areas of payment, identification, financing and data insight that meet your customers’ needs.

Offer your customers more convenience

Quick processing and attractive rates save your customers both time and money.

Faster integration with modern APIs

With clear documentation and stable code, you can quickly and easily integrate the APIs into your platform.

How does Rabo Embedded Services work?

With Rabo Embedded Services, you can integrate Rabobank’s products and services directly into your own platform or web environment via an API. There’s a wide range of building blocks available within the domains. At the click of a button, your customer can make quick and convenient payments, securely onboard customers, apply for loans in no time and gain real-time insight into their administration. By bringing our APIs directly to your environment, you can ensure that your users don’t need to go somewhere else to manage their affairs. Because they can do it all via your platform.

Would you like to join us?

As a cooperative bank, we know better than most how much you can achieve with a good partnership. As a Rabobank partner, you can offer our financial products and services via your own channels. That way, we can work together to develop a comprehensive platform where your end customers can bank the way they want to. And together we can achieve sustainable growth for you and your end users.

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Embedded Services: the bank of the future

What’s going on in the Dutch business community? Which trends and developments should you know about? And how do they affect your operations? Our specialists would be happy to tell you all about it. Read our publications and insights about what the banking of the future might look like.

Become acquainted with Rabo Embedded Services

One of our partner managers can call you to brainstorm about the right solutions for your company.