Business current account

A business current account is the basis of your company. Viewable online and easy to expand with the products and services you want.

A business current account with Rabobank

With a business current account, you can make and receive payments. As well as your current account, you can use our debit card ( Rabo WereldPas), the banking app (Rabo Bankieren App), and internet banking (Rabo Internetbankieren Professional) for your most important banking matters.

Extra accounts

An extra business current account allows you to group your financial affairs more effectively. You can also apply to us for foreign-currency accounts.

With an extra business current account, you can group your financial transactions as you wish. This will give you a clearer overview of your finances – if you have multiple branches, for example.

A foreign-currency account allows you to make and receive payments in other currencies. Very useful if you do a lot of business abroad.