Debit card payment solutions

Rabobank offers a variety of business debit card payment solutions. You can rent a debit card payment machine, purchase a debit card payment machine or accept debit card payments via an app on your smartphone. The following is a summary of the various options.

Renting a debit card payment machine

Renting the Rabo PinBox means renting a debit card payment machine, including plug-and-play installation, service and data communication. Because you know exactly what you debit card payment transaction are costing you, you will never be confronted with unpleasant surprises. You can opt for a fixed or mobile debit card payment machine.

Purchasing a debit card payment machine

If you do not yet have a debit card payment machine, you can purchase one via the Rabobank. Our suppliers can give you an attractive discount. A variety of POS terminals are available so that you can choose one to suit your situation. You can then arrange your debit card payment transactions easily and cheaply on the basis of a Rabo European debit card payment contract (Rabo Europees Pincontract). This requires a Rabobank business account.

Debit card payments on your smartphone

It is also possible to accept debit card payments without purchasing extra equipment. By using the Rabobank debit card payment app (Rabo SmartPin App) and a mobile card reader you can turn your telephone or tablet into a POS terminal. Rabo SmartPin is particularly useful for low numbers of transactions.


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