Welcome international students and expats

Welcome international students and expats

International students of the Campus in Den Haag are able to open a student account at the Rabobank in Den Haag. Expats are welcome to open an account. We also offer different insurances.

Rabo student account

The Rabo student account (Rabo StudentenPakket) features a bank card to be used at ATM's and shops in The Netherlands and Europe. It also provides you with access to Rabo internet banking on your computer and smartphone. Rabo internet banking is only available in Dutch.

Read about Rabo StudentenPakket (in Dutch)

Open a bank account

If you would like to open a bank account or a student account, please make an appointment at our branch office located at Bezuidenhoutseweg 5 in Den Haag. You can also call us on +31 (0)70 371 88 88.

Insurances in the Netherlands

Working or studying in the Netherlands can mean that you are obliged to take out insurance. We offer you a package deal for the insurance you need in the Netherlands. You can put your own package together to meet your own specific needs. The more insurance policies you take out, the higher the discount.

Healthcare insurance

Our healthcare insurances (zorgverzekering) offer you rapid assistance and comprehensive healthcare services.

More information about healthcare insurances (in Dutch)


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