Activate bank card

How do I activate my bank card? We will explain in 3 easy steps how to activate your Rabo WereldPas yourself.

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This is how you activate your bank card

Log in

Log in with your new bank card and the Rabo Scanner via the button below.

Request an activation code

Click on the button to request an activation code. The code will be sent via SMS to the mobile telephone number that was stated when the card was applied for. Your activation code is a security code. Keep the code secret and do not disclose it to anyone else. Rabobank employees will never ask you for your activation code.

Card is ready for use

Enter the code that you received. The card will be ready for use immediately after activation.

Why do I have to activate my bank card?

For safety reasons, the new bank card that you received by post cannot be used immediately. You can activate the bank card yourself. If you are unable to activate it yourself, you can also arrange for the bank card to be activated by a legal representative of your organisation. You can also visit your bank to do so.


You may have received your new card and PIN code on the same day. This does not give rise to any unsecure situations, as the card has to be activated first. It is activated with a code that you will receive on the mobile telephone number that you stated in your application. The card cannot be activated without this code.

Activation by a legal representative of your organization

If you are unable to activate your own bank card, the legal representative of your company can do this for you. To do so, the legal representative needs to be able to access Rabo Business Banking (Pro) with his own bank card and can then select the bank card concerned for activation. The bank card and the corresponding PIN code always remain personal and you must therefore never give them to others for activation.

Activate for the card holder
Activate via the Rabobank

Is it not possible to activate your bank card online? In that case you can also personally have it activated via the Rabobank. For safety reasons, it is important that we can identify you.