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Give your company added value with our APIs

You’re always looking for new ways to develop your company, innovate and make it grow. One way to do that and serve your customers even better is by linking your operations to our financial products and services. Find out how our Banking as a Service solutions offer added value to your company.

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What is Banking as a Service?

Rabobank increasingly offers products and services at the exact time and place clients need them. We call that ‘Banking as a Service’. We’re constantly making more and more services available via APIs on our Developer Portal. Connect with the bank and open your doors to new forms of financial services.

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Growing and innovating via our Developer Portal

But we can’t make these developments without you. Take a look at our Developer Portal to gain new insights, collaborate and share ideas. Together we can create wonderful new opportunities for your clients and for ours. Let’s grow and innovate by building and testing new applications.

How our APIs offer you added value

We have a variety of APIs available on our Developer Portal. We’ve divided them into 4 domains: On- and Offline Payments, Identity Services and Financial Services. You can find an explanation of several of these APIs below:

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Connect with Rabobank and our solutions

Being a Rabobank partner means you can use our financial products and services on your own channels. Together we can develop a comprehensive platform where your end customers can bank the way it’s most convenient to them. We call it ‘Banking-as-a-Service’. Contact us to become a partner and explore all the new opportunities together!