Ondernemer doet boekhouding

Do it yourself with InformerOnline and Rabo BoekhoudKoppeling

InformerOnline offers entrepreneurs tools for doing the bookkeeping themselves. A link with the Rabo BoekhoudKoppeling API adds convenience for entrepreneurs - and beyond. Co-owner Peter Potters explains the benefits.

Doing your own bookkeeping

'Every entrepreneur has to take the reins when it comes to their own company. One way to do that is by staying on top of the numbers. That’s the philosophy behind InformerOnline. We offer tools that small business owners can use to do their own bookkeeping - including paying VAT via iDEAL. To do that, we’ve made a special agreement with the Tax Authority. And with the entrepreneur’s authorization, their financial services provider can keep an eye on things via the cloud.'

Always up to date

'Entrepreneurs do business in real time, so their bookkeeping has to be realtime as well. To help them with that, our tool has a link with the Rabo BoekhoudKoppeling API to process bank transactions instantly. Entrepreneurs have noticed how our tool keeps their bookkeeping up to date at all times. When a customer uses their debit card to buy something in a shop, the receipt goes straight to bookkeeping and the transaction is debited immediately.'

API offers more convenience

'European PSD2 legislation requires banks to make their data accessible if customers ask for authorization.'

“Rabobank leapt at the chance to do that with tools like Rabo BoekhoudKoppeling. It allows our customers to access their balance information and submit payments and debits directly via their bookkeeping software. ”

'That makes it even more convenient for the end user. It makes linking a name to the wrong IBAN number a thing of the past, and entrepreneurs can send batch payments from their bookkeeping system.'

Fruitful partnership

'We’ve spent the past two months testing the API together with 500 InformerOnline customers, and now we’re making it available to all of our customers as well. The link wasn’t complicated for us. We have our own in-house developers who know everything about APIs. We also invited our partner Rabobank to talk openly with our test customers, and that went just fine. We’ve used that open partnership format in the past as well, for the VAT link with the Tax Authority.'

The latest technologies

'We love being the first to bring these kinds of innovations to market. When you use InformerOnline as an entrepreneur, you know you’re dealing with the very latest technologies. Users don’t notice that an API is providing the link to bank services, and that’s precisely the idea.'

Going beyond legal obligations

'I think Rabobank was smart in adapting so well to the PSD2 legislation. The bank is required to make data accessible, so it decided to add even more functionalities and quality via this API. To me, that goes beyond the obligations stipulated by the PSD2. That’s Open Banking as it was intended to be. In exchange, we and others are willing to pay for the data, because Rabo BoekhoudKoppeling offers a lot of added value for our customers.'