Are you looking for a financing solution? Rabobank can help you with that. Together with you we examine your plans and look for a suitable form of financing. We can provide you with a loan, credit arrangement or lease. We can also help you find alternative forms of financing.


Rabobank company loan is a form of financing which is intended to fulfil a long-term financial need. This means your inventory, machines, premises and means of transport. We set the term of the financing in consultation with you, attuned to your needs. During the term, you pay a monthly amount.


You can use a current account credit to deal with a short-term deficit. You agree upon a limit with us and, within that limit, you can take out funds or pay off the credit any time you wish. You may opt for a current account credit because, for example, you need extra stock or wish to keep a certain amount in reserve to deal with short-term deficits.


A lease enables you to purchase business resources or a company car without actually investing in it yourself. This applies even if you are a new business. A lease allows you to finance up to 100% of the purchase amount, without this affecting your operating capital. You can influence the monthly amount you have to pay off. Thus, you always know in advance how much a lease is going to cost you each month. This will depend on the lease term and any down payment and final instalment.

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Before you apply for financing, it is important for you to have clear goals. We advise you to work out your plans in advance so that you can explain why you need the money during your meeting with a Rabobank adviser.