Paying with your bank card

The Rabo CreditCard is Rabobank’s business creditcard. You can use the Rabo CreditCard to make payments and withdraw cash anywhere in the world where you see the Mastercard logo.

Credit Card

The Rabo Credit Card offers you the following advantages:

    tax-deductible credit card costs; extra Rabo CreditCard for employees; secure online payments using your Mastercard Secure Code; VAT partially reclaimable in the event of foreign payments.
Rood staan

Debit Card

The Rabo WereldPas (Rabo World Card) is Rabobank’s debit card. You can use it to pay via POS terminals and withdraw cash from ATM’s up to the card limit, provided there are sufficient funds on your account. If you have more than one card for a single account, each card will have its own limit.

A Rabo WereldPas can be used all over the world. In order to prevent skimming we recommend that you configure the cardto be only active in those parts of the world you need it for.

The Rabo Wereldpas also enables you to make contactless payments. This is a quick and easy way of paying small amounts up to € 25 without PIN-code. You simply hold the card against the reader of the ATM.

The Rabo WereldPas limits are:

ATMIn the NetherlandsAbroad
Rabobank ATM€ 1,250 per weeknot applicable
Non Geldmaat ATM€ 250 per day€ 500 per day
POS termina€ 5,000 per week€ 500 per day

View the rates in the Business Banking Fees Folder:


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