How does it work?

You can use Rabo Payment Request to send customers a convenient and professional payment link to collect an amount owed, send a payment reminder or follow up on a failed debit attempt. Via the Rabo Payment Request API, your company can request payment links from Rabo Payment Request using your own software application. You can then send the links (URLs) to your customer, and attach an invoice if necessary. That way, you can integrate the creation and sending of payment links into your invoicing process. The customer can then conveniently pay the invoice via iDEAL.

What are the benefits for your organization?

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More efficiency by eliminating manual transactions;

Sending a payment request from your own administration system takes less work, and it offers a real-time overview of unpaid invoices.

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Higher customer satisfaction

Customers appreciate the convenient payment options for paying their invoices positively.

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Better cash flow through shorter payment terms.

When you send a Rabo Payment Request, you get paid quicker. At least 4 out of 5 recipients pay the invoice using the payment link within 24 hours.