Rabo Payment Request API

Give your customers the option of optimizing their billing process with Rabo Betaalverzoek API. Link the API to their own back-office system and send personalized payment requests to customers via e-mail, text message or WhatsApp.

    Improves debtor managementImproves debtor managementEliminates the need for manual activities

Send professional payment links easily with Rabo Payment Request API

Your customers can use your software application to request payment links from Rabobank via the Rabo Payment Request API. They can then send the links to their customers, and can add an invoice if desired. In the process, the customer can integrate the creation and sending of payment links in their billing process. The invoice can then be paid conveniently via iDEAL.

How does it work?

Businesses can send customers professional payment links easily via the Rabo Payment Request API. That comes in handy when an amount must be collected from customers. Or when sending a reminder with a payment link. A Rabo payment request makes it as convenient as possible. You can send payment requests via e-mail, WhatsApp or text message. So customers can easily make payments using their mobile phone, which means they can pay faster and you have real-time insight into all payment requests. You can use it for digital invoices, on-the-spot payments, or as a follow-up service for failed or cancelled debits.

To receive payments using the APIs for payment requests, you must complete the following steps:

    Request a payment link via the API Send the payment link via e-mail, text message, WhatsApp or social media The recipient can then use the link to pay using iDEAL

Other features of the Rabo Payment Request API include:

    You can request the status of your payment requests (paid, unpaid, or expired). The amount will be credited to the account immediately upon payment. You can also delete a payment request to prevent it from being paid.

The benefits of Rabo Payment Request API

Eliminates the need for manual activities

Make your customers happy with more convenient payments. All of the information is filled in automatically, so there is less risk of mistakes when copying the payment reference details. Customers can use the link to conveniently pay via telephone or computer. The Rabo Payment Request API also allows you to revoke payment links that have already been paid via another method.

Improved cashflow with shorter payment terms

The Rabo Payment Request API helps business customers to better organize their billing process. At least 4 out of 5 recipients pays a bill with a payment link within 24 hours. That means your customer can access their money quicker.

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More efficient debtor management

The Rabo Payment Request API facilitates the optimal processing of data. Payments are given a reference that makes it easy to match payments to invoices. One benefit of that is the reduction in reminders and collection processes. And the customer has an up-to-date overview of paid and pending invoices.

How do you request the Rabo Payment Request API?


Step 1:

Sign in to the Developer Portal, create an account and register your organization. Please note: to use the API, you must have an active Rabobank account.


Step 2:

Subscribe to the Rabo Payment Request API.


Step 3:

Create your app in the Rabobank Developer Portal and test it your Sandbox account. Once everything works and has been tested, you can request ‘go live’.


Step 4:

Request ‘go live’ to activate the API. A Rabobank implementation manager will then contact you to arrange the contracts. Once the contracts have been signed, you can go live with the API and integrate it into your system.

Would you like to know more about the Rabo Payment Request API?

Would you like to know more about the Rabo Payment Request API?