Business insurance with Rabobank

Suitable business insurance policies to cover your business risks.

Insure your business risks with our business insurance policies, which have been specially developed for companies and entrepreneurs. Rabobank’s most popular business insurance policies are available and can be bought online by small businesses: Rabo ZelfZeker. We also offer insights on business risks and extensive advice for large enterprises with Rabo SamenZeker.

Rabo ZelfZeker: buy insurance online

Buying, viewing or changing business insurance policies? With Rabo ZelfZeker you can do that yourself! As a business customer, you can easily arrange your insurances online.

Most chosen by freelancers, small business companies, associations and foundationsEasily calculate your monthly premium for each insuranceBuy your insurance easily online

In addition, starters can benefit from a variety of premium discounts.

Rabo SamenZeker: insurance advice

Our insurance advisers understand that you are doing business. We will give you insight into insurable risks and will look for suitable solutions for your company. That way you can do business with confidence.

Mostly chosen by entrepreneurs with a medium-sized or large-scale companyPersonal contact with your insurance adviserInsurance solutions for your company

If you would like more information about, or would like to apply for, business insurance, please make an appointment with your Rabobank. We will be happy to help.

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