Key Information Documents PRIIPs

This page contains the Key Information Documents (KIDs). The KID was derived from a European regulation called ‘Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products’ (PRIIPs). A KID is available for non-professional clients who envisage entering into OTC derivative transactions with Rabobank.

Purpose of the KID

The KID is a standardised document which is used to inform non-professional clients on characteristics such as the risks, costs and potential returns of the product. The KID describes the product on a standalone basis.

Rabobank offers derivatives to non-professional clients only for the purpose of hedging. When being used as a hedge, the impact of the derivative is described in the relevant product description. Rabobank recommends that the client reads the KID in conjunction with the product description, before concluding a transaction with Rabobank.

Information in the KID is subject to change. Rabobank reviews this on a regular basis to ensure the content is up-to-date. Rabobank recommends that the client reads the latest version of the relevant KID before entering into a transaction with Rabobank.

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