Reliable online identification is vital

7 December 2021 16:33

Lightbase builds high-quality software, mainly for larger enterprises and corporations. Founder and CEO Mathijs Vreeman tells about the latest trends, including those in the area of online identification. Rabo Identity Services is a useful tool in that.

Medewerker achter een laptop

Which developments have you noticed in your field?

“We build mobile apps and portals for companies where the user experience and high customer satisfaction are important, like HEMA, BOVAG or Fastned. The world where we’re active is developing at a lightning pace. Technology never stands still, so knowledge development and innovation are extremely important. We’ve also noticed that our clients’ end users are becoming more and more accustomed to doing business online. So that needs to be a problem-free experience. The apps we build add more and more value for people. Consumers want to be able to fully automate their business online. Good software for that can lift customer satisfaction and a company’s efficiency to a higher level.”

What does that mean for your product selection?

“Society’s growing need to be able to pay or do business online or to check people’s identity is a good fit with our services. The existing paper processes in these areas are becoming increasingly digitized. At Lightbase, we deal with clients for whom identifying people is vital, especially at a larger scale. For example for onboarding customers to a shared car platform. So we went looking for reliable solutions to arrange that for our clients.”

How do you take work off your clients’ hands when it comes to identification?

“We’ve entered into a partnership with Rabobank to use Rabo Identity Services. We utilize Rabobank’s identity services for our clients, and we tell them about the benefits of Rabo Identity Services. If we think that Rabo Identity Services offers added value for their identity verification challenges, then we definitely recommend it to them. We can then easily link Rabo Identity Services via the available API.”