Digitization and growth with Midmid and Rabo Smart Pay

1 March 2022 12:02

Many companies with a brick-and-mortar shop face some major challenges in the area of digitization. From the order to the payment solution, and everything in between. Midmid helps companies digitize, and a link with Rabo Smart Pay makes that even easier.

Successful grocery store owner smiling at the camera while holding a basket of fresh organic grapefruits. Happy female entrepreneur running a small business in the food industry.

Starting with online ordering

There isn’t really a good online order solution for fresh produce specialists, like the ones that supermarkets and online retailers have enjoyed for several years. Midmid co-founder Joop Scheer realized that a few years ago. Butchers, bakers, fish- and cheesemongers mainly took orders via the telephone or e-mail, and almost always used paper order forms. That resulted in a lot of paperwork, confusion and a lack of a big-picture perspective. So in 2016, Midmid felt that an online ordering solution would be the first step to the further digitization of companies in the fresh produce branch.

Other markets in the picture

Midmid has since grown into a relevant player in the fresh produce market. Joop: “That’s because from the very beginning we entered into partnership with various wholesalers, formulas and franchise organizations in the fresh produce sector. And thanks in part to our smart solutions, too. Because in addition to an effective online ordering solution, we also offer companies in the branch support with the further digitization of their firms. We’ve also expanded those services to other, similar markets, like the flower sector and the hospitality industry. And we’re looking at some unexpected branches, like bakeries in gas stations.”

Retailers now omnichannel entrepreneurs

“In our services, we mainly deal with companies that have a fixed retail location”, Joop Scheer explains. “We help them arrange orders online, but we also help them with digitization. So that they can become omnichannel entrepreneurs. Things like using webshops or order kiosks, in collaboration with Rabobank partner Prestop. But we also offer solutions for things like labelling, weighing and payment. Issues that had mainly been done by hand before. We do that via our app, which has all sorts of handy applications that retailers can use via an iPad at their company. They can look up recipes, change prices, weigh products, but also allow customers to pay and even print receipts.”

Every payment solution in one place

For payment, Midmid offers entrepreneurs a link to Rabo Smart Pay, the payment solution created by Rabobank. “Since we’ve integrated the Rabo Smart Pay API into our own platform, entrepreneurs who want to use it don’t have to do anything else. Entrepreneurs who are already Rabobank customers can easily allow buyers to pay via the solutions offered by Rabo Smart Pay: from QR codes to debit card terminals, or via their webshop using Rabo Omnikassa. But we also think that entrepreneurs who are currently working with other payment service providers will probably switch to Rabo Smart Pay in the future. Because it offers every omnichannel payment solution in a single environment. And that’s a perfect fit with the digitization and professionalization steps that many entrepreneurs face today.”