Reliable transaction platform user identification

15 March 2023 9:00

How can you ensure the safe and reliable identification of customers for companies that deal with sensitive information? VI Company found the solution by using Rabo Identity Services. “Together, we offer our clients added value.”

Knowledge and compliance

VI Company is a consultancy and software development bureau that focuses on companies in the financial and capital markets. “We’re mainly active in Europe, but we also work for clients abroad”, says CCO Nick Verschoor. “We offer strategy and consulting, software development, managed hosting and maintenance for the applications we develop. Knowledge of the domain is essential in order to support companies in this sector. But we also have to be fully up-to-date about all of the legislation and regulations in the fields of compliance and data security, and we have to put them into practice ourselves as well.”

Security and privacy

The common theme through all of VI Company’s work are the issues everyone faces when dealing with data: integrity, privacy and security. One example of the added value VI Company offers involved the solution of a major pension provider’s data management needs. “The organization wanted to make safe and effective use of public and private data in order to implement their own strategy. To ensure security and privacy, that all needs to be done in a properly controlled environment. So we developed that and set it up for them.”

Identification and verification

VI Company also brainstormed together with a large transaction platform about how to onboard customers. Nick Verschoor: “The company behind the platform is legally required to determine the users’ identities before granting them access to the functions on the platform. That involves identifying and verifying people. Rabobank has a good solution for that with Rabo Identity Services, which we were able to link to the transaction platform using an API. That is a perfect example of how we work. We combine the efforts of our own specialists with those of partners that already have solutions available, in order to solve our clients’ problems. And in the process, we offer our clients added value.”

Trust and convenience

To facilitate identification and verification, VI Company created a user interface on the transaction platform. “Rabo Identity Services is built into it. Via an optimized, uniform user experience, customers are guided through the necessary steps. The customer experiences a unified, smooth flow in the client’s own house style. That builds trust and provides a pleasant customer journey for the platform’s users. Both the happy and the unhappy flows are well-designed. The client is extremely pleased with this solution. For many users, this is their first introduction to the platform, so the customer experience has to be perfect. Initially, a few thousand users will go through the identification and verification process. The plan is that it will eventually grow into the tens of thousands each year.”

Testing and implementation

VI Company is highly satisfied with the collaboration with Rabobank and Rabo Identity Services. Nick Verschoor: “The testing and implementation process went really smoothly. We work with sensitive personal data, so we set up a special, separate process to guarantee security. That worked very well.” VI Company structured the identification and verification process in such a way that it can also be used for other clients. “We can change the house style as desired, so it also works for other clients and their customers. Rabo Identity Services is a great solution for that.”