Invoice Financing perfect fit for fast-paced world of entrepreneurs

31 March 2023 10:37

Simplify bookkeeping with quick access to extra liquidity: thanks to the tools developed by Asperion and the integration with Rabobank’s Invoice Financing, entrepreneurs can focus on what they’re best at.

Scanning receipts via app

Asperion is an online invoicing and bookkeeping package geared towards both entrepreneurs and accountants. Head of Technology, Pascal van Bakkum: “SMEs and freelancers can use our tools to simplify their administration. Things like scanning receipts using our mobile app. Our software can then book the receipt into the entrepreneur’s bookkeeping within a few seconds. Their accountants can then simply log in to check their client’s data.”

Make sound decisions

“Invoice Financing is perfect fit with our mission to offer smarter services that support entrepreneurs in running their business”

Thanks to Asperion’s tools, both entrepreneurs and accountants can focus on the things they do best. Pascal: “For example, accountants have more time to give advice or arrange fiscal issues. And entrepreneurs can focus on their own business. It also gives them real-time insight into their own finances. So they can make sound business decisions, like whether or not to invest.”

Supporting the business

Since entrepreneurs have better insight into their own financial situation, they can also see if they will need extra liquidity in the short term. To help with that, Asperion offers a new solution: Invoice Financing via Rabobank. The service is integrated into the platform, so entrepreneurs can pre-finance one or more of their invoices. Pascal: “That’s a perfect fit with our mission to offer smarter services that support entrepreneurs in running their business. It’s simple, and it’s also accessible for companies that aren’t already Rabobank customers.”

Alleviating financial worries

Pascal believes that Invoice Financing is especially interesting for successful entrepreneurs. “People who’ve sold their inventory, but haven’t yet received the money in their account, so they need working capital. With Invoice Financing, the money can be in their account within 24 hours. Together with Rabobank, we can alleviate small- and medium-sized businesses’ financial worries. This efficient form of financing is a perfect fit with the fast-paced world entrepreneurs face today.”