‘Rabobank leads the way with Exact Online link’

7 August 2023 11:50

Entrepreneurs with an online shop would rather have their payments matched and booked into their Exact environment quickly and easily. Software firm xCore offers a smart e-commerce solution for that, and Rabobank is the first bank to link with their solution.

Man en vrouw werken met Rabo Smart Pay op hun laptop

E-commerce transactions process billions in payments every day. The Netherlands is home to around 80,000 online shops, and xCore serves approximately 4,000 of them. Director René Albertema: “Since we were founded, we’ve grown from being a consultancy partner to a full-fledged software enterprise. We offer our clients more than 30 e-commerce links with Exact. Most of them are fast-growing and online-oriented SMEs.”

Big step with a big name

xCore already worked with several payment service providers in the field of online banking, but they hadn’t partnered with an actual bank before. “Rabobank is the first bank we’ve linked with the Exact Reconciliation module”, René explains. “For us it’s a big step forward, because Rabobank is of course a respected big name. That was one of the important missing pieces, and this link filled it in for us. It all went fairly smoothly, actually. Our developers were impressed by the API that Rabobank offers for that purpose.”

Less time, fewer mistakes

In principle, clients can make the link between their Exact environment and Rabo Smart Pay on their own. “They just need to follow the wizard instructions. For the moment, we’re offering an implementation package, where we arrange the link for them. But we expect that the clients will be able to implement the entire process themselves in the very near future. So the implementation package will be purely optional. Through the link with the Exact Reconciliation module, we can ensure that all of the payment details are automatically read from the Rabo Smart Pay dashboard. Then the open cost posts can be retrieved from Exact Online and compared to the corresponding open posts in Exact. If there’s a match, the file can be booked. The Reconciliation module saves a lot of manual tasks and time, and reduces the likelihood of mistakes.“

Multiple payment options

“Entrepreneurs want their payments to be processed quickly and easily”, René continues. “And we happen to have a network of clients who all want to work with the latest modules in that field. Plus, Rabo Smart Pay offers multiple payment options they can use - a single tool for all your payments. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.” Over the next few years, René expects a lot from the Reconciliation module and the other links his company offers. “The e-commerce sector is only going to grow even larger. So every company is going to need an online sales channel eventually.”