Yoursminc offers convenience with Invoice Financing

10 August 2023 14:48

As an entrepreneur, you would like to focus on your business without having to pay too much attention to your administration. Yoursminc offers a solution for this by offering accounting, invoicing and CRM in one system. Now it's also possible for users to apply for Invoice Financing via Rabobank.

Making it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs

Rob Zoeteweij, Joost van de Wiel and Guy van Dingenen once started Yoursminc to make doing business easier for entrepreneurs. With an interface that is both Dutch and English, Yoursminc is suitable for entrepreneurs in various countries and can handle the specific VAT legislation.

Joost: 'Entrepreneurs can do their entire business in our system. For instance, they can create purchase and sales invoices, save customer data, create budgets and do their business administration. Incidentally, the records, annual statements and further reports can also be displayed visually.'

Good cooperation

Rob expects a good partnership with Rabobank because it aligns with their desire to help entrepreneurs. 'We are trying to automate more and more things within our system. For example, we already have an automatic bank link for our users. Also in the area of financing, we want to make sure that entrepreneurs have to make as little effort as possible. Several customers have already contacted Rabobank to have invoices pre-financed. With this partnership, we can offer them this at the place where they do their day-to-day business.'

Invoice Financing gives space

'We see that entrepreneurs generally need a lot of pre-financing of invoices. With Invoice Financing, we especially offer entrepreneurs more leeway. They now have the opportunity to receive money at short notice. Suppose an entrepreneur has to pay VAT, but a debtor has not yet paid the invoice. Then the entrepreneur can now choose to have the invoice pre-financed. Especially for start-ups or entrepreneurs with customers who pay late, this is a big advantage,' says Rob.

The automation trend

According to Joost, the partnership with Rabobank fits perfectly with the automation trend. 'This further integration and service in the financial market ensures that entrepreneurs can focus on their business without also having to pay much attention to their administrative matters. We hope to help entrepreneurs grow in this way.'