Receive payment from a WordPress site in just a few clicks

28 July 2023 13:25

In just a few simple steps, entrepreneurs who have a WordPress site can link the Rabo OnlineKassa plugin to their website or webshop. This WordPress specialist from Drachten makes doing business and payment a lot easier for entrepreneurs.

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Beyond the standard

Pronamic was founded by a group of students in an attic room in 2005. Since then, the company has grown to become a respected WordPress specialist. “We mainly use the CMS to develop custom-tailored websites for businesses and organizations”, says co-owner and founder Leo Oosterloo. “But we also develop a variety of plugins for WordPress, including our own Pronamic Pay.”

Leading technology

Pronamic mainly focuses on clients in the small- and medium-sized enterprise segment. “From health care to building: we’ve seen it all”, says Leo. “One great recent project involved a website for a municipal health care institution. We provided the web design and development, but our emphasis lies more on the technology behind the site. We also collaborate with other specialist bureaus, for example in the area of UX design.”

12 plugins

Twelve years ago, an e-commerce client asked Pronamic for a plugin to receive iDEAL donations via the website. “We’ve expanded that in the years since, with more e-commerce plugins and links to payment providers. At the moment, we’re supporting 12 plugins in WordPress. They can be linked to services like Rabo Smart Pay, Rabobank’s payment solution.”

Easy payment via OnlineKassa

“Customers can use the plugin to create a link between their website and the Rabo Smart Pay OnlineKassa”, Leo explains. “After they enter the details they’ve received from Rabobank, they can quickly and easily let their customers pay online. A lot of people are using the plugin at the moment. It’s one of the biggest plugins in the Netherlands that isn’t offered directly by a payment provider.”

International operations

Pronamic has noticed more and more competition in the field of WordPress payment plugins, especially from the payment providers themselves. “So we’ve focused more on the international market. That’s possible because the European payment market is opening up. One example of that is the sale of iDEAL. So we expect to be able to continue supporting payment plugins in WordPress for the foreseeable future.”