‘With Invoice Financing, we offer two worlds in one’

31 March 2023 14:01

Good credit management as a foundation, with pre-financing for invoices when you need extra financial margins. That’s how Debiteuren365.nl and Rabo Embedded Banking ensure that entrepreneurs can grow consistently.

Help with credit management

Debiteuren365.nl supports entrepreneurs with their credit management challenges. Founder and owner Serge Hagenaar: “From sending payment reminders and warnings, to calling clients about unpaid invoices or arranging payment plans.” The special software that Debiteuren365.nl uses is also available for other businesses on a subscription basis. Hagenaar: “That allows them to do their own credit management via the special app. The entrepreneurs can benefit from prognoses, and they can draw up their own invoices and offers. It’s actually a kind of CRM system, with credit management as its foundation.”

Helping businesses grow

Debiteuren365.nl’s ambition is to help businesses grow by getting their customers to pay more quickly. Hagenaar: “We also encourage entrepreneurs to make good payment agreements with their customers, and to put those agreements in writing. That’s how we help companies maintain their liquidity.” To help with that, Debiteuren365.nl recently introduced a new solution in addition to credit management: Invoice Financing via Rabobank.

Extra financial margins

“Via our platform, entrepreneurs can easily request pre-financing for one or more invoices via Rabobank, for when they need extra liquidity in the short term”, Hagenaar explains. “We’re actually offering two worlds in one. On the one hand, we ensure that they have enough financial margins for growth and continuity, because their credit management is in order. But via our platform, they also have easy access to financing for invoices that they know will be paid in the near future.”

Improved cash flow

Debiteuren365.nl is the first partner that offers Invoice Financing via a web component. That gives customers the feeling that they are in a Debiteuren365.nl environment, even though the company didn’t have to develop the pages itself. That is a simple and fast integration that’s always up-to-date. To tell customers about the new service, Hagenaar has actively promoted the extra option. “We’ve noticed that entrepreneurs are interested. They see opportunities for creating extra financial margins, without the stricter requirements that come with factoring.