offers its retail partners Flexible Financing

13 July 2022 11:09

Entrepreneurs who sell via can benefit from a new flexible financing service. The unique thing about this form of financing is that the revenue data from the platform is used as the basis for the loan. The monthly payments are also based on revenue via

Flexibele financiering

Revenue data accelerates the application process

In this partnership, Rabobank and have realized a partial integration. From the partner platform, sellers are referred to the Rabobank loan application process. Here, they are asked to link their revenue data, and within 10 minutes they can apply for Flexible Financing for between € 5,000 and € 250,000, with a term of 3 to 12 months.

Flexible repayment possible through insight into real-time revenue

The link to revenue data gives retail partners the option of having their payments change along with their revenue. In months with higher revenue, you can pay back more, and you can reduce your payment in months with lower revenue. That makes it a flexible loan that allows retailers to achieve their goals safely and quickly.

Partial integration eases user convenience

The partnership with is a good example of partial integration of Embedded Lending. The retail partner can share their data from the platform with Rabobank to request a loan offer. Rabobank can then present the offer on its own platform. That facilitates the fast and convenient application for financing.

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