Rabo Smart Pay expands its service with Flexible Financing

9 December 2022 13:32

Rabo Smart Pay the comprehensive solution for all retailer payments, now offers its customers Flexible Financing. Entrepreneurs who use a variety of payment solutions can maintain an overview in a dashboard that shows all of the various cash flows. Now, these data can be used to offer retailers even more service. They can apply for a loan of up to € 250,000 based on their transaction data.

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Apply for Flexible Financing within 10 minutes with transaction data

Users of Rabo Smart Pay can quickly and easily apply for financing of €5,000 to €250,000 with a term of 3 months to 1 year. By using transaction data, an entrepreneur has insight into the possibilities even faster. In fact, they know where they stand within 10 minutes and can submit the application.

Many retailers deal with seasonal influences that are reflected in their sales figures. To avoid repayment becoming too big a burden in the off-season, business owners can opt for flexible repayment. The amount is then automatically adjusted according to the monthly turnover figures and is thus lower in the months when there is briefly less turnover.

How it works

In the Rabo OmniKassa dashboard, customers see the option of requesting financing. If they express an interest, they start a special application flow where they can link their transaction details. This makes issues that have traditionally been important, but also time-consuming, like annual figures and business plans, optional. Within 10 minutes, the entrepreneur can find out how much they can borrow and submit an application. An expert then contacts the entrepreneur to discuss the financing in a video call. The link to the transaction data remains in effect until the entrepreneur chooses to cancel it. This link allows the Flexible Financing loan to base the monthly payments on the monthly revenue, and automatically adjust the payment based on the income.

Offering Rabo Embedded Services as a partner

As a partner of Rabobank, you can leverage our financial products and services on your own channels. We provide these through APIs, allowing you to integrate them directly into your platform.