SnelStart adds value to platform with Invoice Financing

6 July 2022 13:45

SnelStart is constantly looking for ways to make things easier for entrepreneurs. One way is by helping them save time and gain insight into their finances by automating their bookkeeping. And they recently added a new innovative solution. With a unique Agile partnership, Rabobank and SnelStart offer entrepreneurs the financial room they need to grow via Embedded Lending.

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Agile integration

Embedded Lending allows Rabobank to offer loan-related products via its partners’ platforms. “Embedded Lending is still in its infancy in the Netherlands”, explains Martijn Kwant, Head of Strategy & Innovation Business Clients Rabobank. “So we prefer to work together with partners to discover how we can be as relevant as possible for their customers. We start with small experiments before we design a full integration.”

The first experiments have already proven a success, as illustrated by the high level of interest among SnelStart users. Not just in Invoice Financing, but also other financing products that could be integrated as well.

How financing works via the SnelStart platform

In the SnelStart platform, entrepreneurs can find a button they can click to submit a request to finance an invoice. That way, they don’t need to wait until the debtor has paid the invoice, and they can keep their working capital available for expenditures. The entrepreneur can submit the Invoice Financing application in only 15 minutes. Once the request is approved, the money is transferred to the entrepreneur’s account within 24 hours. With this service, SnelStart and Rabobank have taken important steps in the field of Embedded Lending. The intention is that entrepreneurs will eventually be able to arrange Invoice Financing entirely within the SnelStart platform. In addition to the integration of Embedded Lending, SnelStart also uses Rabobank’s Boekhoudkoppeling bookkeeping link, and Rabobank customers can purchase SnelStart with a discount from the RaboStore.

Zo werkt het financieren vanaf SnelStart-platform

Op het platform van SnelStart vinden ondernemers een knop waarmee ze bij Rabobank een aanvraag kunnen doen voor het financieren van een factuur. Zo hoeven ze niet te wachten tot de debiteur heeft betaald en houden ze hun werkkapitaal op peil. Aanvragen van een factuur financiering kost de ondernemer 15 minuten. Na goedkeuring staat het geld binnen 24 uur op de rekening. SnelStart en Rabobank zetten hiermee belangrijke stappen op het gebied van Embedded Lending. De bedoeling is dat ondernemers over enige tijd Factuur Financiering geheel binnen het SnelStart-platform kunnen afsluiten. Naast de integratie van Embedded Lending maakt Snelstart ook gebruik van de boekhoudkoppeling van Rabobank én kunnen Rabobank klanten Snelstart met korting aanschaffen in de RaboStore.

Offering Rabo Embedded Services as a partner

As a partner of Rabobank, you can leverage our financial products and services on your own channels. We provide these through APIs, allowing you to integrate them directly into your platform.