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Back-end API SmartPin facilitates external SmartPin management

With SmartPin, sellers can turn their smartphone or tablet into a cash register system and payment machine in one. With the back-end API SmartPin, you can fully integrate SmartPin management into the seller’s own application. This API is available in the Rabobank Development Portal.

Frontend connection possible

The SDK for SmartPin has been around for some time now, offering a comprehensive front-end link between the SmartPin payment machine and third-party apps. Sellers can use the SDK to initiate online and cash payments from their own applications. The introduction of the back-end API now makes it possible to manage SmartPin entirely from the user’s own back-end environment.

SmartPin in your own software

With this API, developers can meet an important demand from sellers; the option of building the SmartPin app into their own software. For them, doing so would mean that they can manage and process SmartPin overviews of products, users and transactions in their own cash register systems. One excellent example is the option of integrating transaction overviews directly into the seller’s own bookkeeping system. Before, the information had to be acquired manually before it could be processed in the seller’s bookkeeping.

Simple and multifaceted

Other new features for the API will also be rolled out in the near future, with the main one being the option of integrating SmartPin in inventory management systems. This API is not only a handy tool for sellers; even developers will benefit, because the API is very easy to use. Its simple calls and straightforward codes allow them to quickly meet a variety of the sellers’ demands.