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Bizcuit and Rabobank set a new standard for Invoice Financing

Entrepreneurs can request financing for an invoice in the Bizcuit app, without having to go to the bank’s website to submit an application. That helps entrepreneurs grow, and allows Bizcuit to keep its promise of being the ideal financial toolkit for entrepreneurs.

Financing in 5 minutes

Entrepreneurs who use the Bizcuit app have a button in their invoice overview that they can press to have an invoice pre-financed. With a single click of the mouse, the invoice details are automatically added to the application flow. The Rabobank algorithm then instantly evaluates the loan application, as a financing expert monitors the process. If everything is in order, then the entrepreneur receives an offer right away. Once the offer is approved, the money is transferred to the entrepreneur’s account within 24 hours.

First fully integrated Embedded Lending

This first fully integrated Embedded Lending solution with Invoice Financing sets a new standard for SMEs seeking loans: conveniently applying for pre-financing online, with the certainty of a reliable bank. And all using the familiar software package that the entrepreneurs use every day.

Additional service for entrepreneurs

The full Invoice Financing process can be completed in the Bizcuit platform. Entrepreneurs don’t need to visit a bank location or website to submit a separate application, with the resulting administrative hassle. The necessary data can be automatically linked from Bizcuit, with the entrepreneur’s permission. So the entrepreneur immediately knows what to expect. Bizcuit offers this extra service to its customers, and Rabobank handles the administrative processing as the financier.

About Bizcuit: all tools integrated

Bizcuit eliminates entrepreneurs’ frustrations resulting from maintaining their financial administration, and enables them to focus on doing business instead. The application combines all of the business tools an entrepreneur uses in a single app; from bookkeeping to payroll administration. In addition to insight and overview, the entrepreneur now also has the option of freeing up working capital via Invoice Financing.

“Conveniently and quickly submitting a loan application at the place where you arrange all your other business: that’s the future of Embedded Lending. It’s a way for us as a bank to extend a hand to entrepreneurs. Together with our partners, we help them grow their business”, explains Martijn Kwant, Head of Strategy & Innovation Business Clients Rabobank.

Full integration offers fast, simple user experience

The partnership with Bizcuit is a good example of full integration of Embedded Lending. The entrepreneur requests a loan within the Bizcuit platform. The platform automatically enters the available data, so the user can complete the application within just 5 minutes. The entrepreneur only comes into contact with the bank to sign the contract once the loan application has been submitted.

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“With Rabobank Invoice Financing, every entrepreneur in the Netherlands can request a loan with the press of a button in the Bizcuit app. Whether the company banks with ABN AMRO, ING or Rabobank, and no matter which bookkeeping package they use. With this service, Rabobank and Bizcuit are building on previous successful collaborations, and the new partnership once again shows that entrepreneurs can focus on growth through shared innovations. The partnership also shows that Rabobank is a world leader in the field of open innovation. Rabobank offers a powerful and innovative Embedded Lending proposition. Bizcuit displays the power of combining PSD2 payment services, links to bookkeeping packages and real-time document processing, which makes new services easy to use for business customers.” Hessel Kuik, Bizcuit CEO.

Hessel Kuik tells about the partnership between Rabobank and Bizcuit

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