More transactions possible

In addition to the Smart Paya online payment API, the Rabo Developer Portal also features the Rabo Smart Pay Merchant API Services, developed in response to requests from the market. Smart Pay downloads transactions, but it has a maximum of 30,000 per query. For many entrepreneurs, that simply isn’t enough. The Merchant API Services makes it possible to retrieve more transactions and to filter them by categories such as day, brand, payment channels or unsuccessful transactions. With the Rabo Smart Pay you can always displays all of the transactions. Finally system automatically process refunds. This is an important feature that many retailers require.

Improvements to the API

The Merchant API Services will soon gain extra functionalities as well. It will soon be possible to automate payment requests (Rabo Betaalverzoek Plus) within the API. A Sandbox for the API will be added in the very near future. Finally, we are working on a fully automated onboarding for the Merchant API Services via the Smart Pay dashboard, to help developers get started right away.

OK gas stations have an overview thanks to API Rabo Smart Pay

There are a huge number of transactions every day at the various OK gas stations throughout the country. How do you keep an overview of all those bookings? And how do you ensure that this work is no longer done manually? The solution turned out to be a link between Rabo OmniKassa via an API with OK's systems. Watch the video where Lilian Roelofsen (manager OK) tells you more.