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Payt takes work out of entrepreneurs’ hands thanks to embedded services

Very few entrepreneurs enjoy the work of credit management. Fortunately, Payt can take a lot of that work out of their hands. Especially now, thanks to the integration of several of Rabobank’s embedded services.

Work out of your hands

“Credit management: a lot of entrepreneurs feel that’s the worst part of their work”, says Payt’s Aida Kopijn. “Fortunately, our credit management platform makes their lives a lot easier. From creating and sending the first invoice, to sending reminders, and even sending collection notices if necessary: Payt takes all of that out of their hands. And the best thing is: the entrepreneur gets paid even faster.”

Special applications

Payt focuses on all types of entrepreneurs. “Our software has a wide range of applications. We even develop special ones for certain sectors. Like a friendly alternative for factoring especially for dentists. It’s strange that a patient who you’ve had in your practice should get an invoice from another party. That also leads to people contacting the practice directly to ask a lot of questions, even though the practice isn’t involved in making payment agreements. So we’ve included a module in our applications to allow clients to communicate at the invoice level. That module is also available for our other clients as well.”

Benefiting from features

Payt is the market leader in the Benelux, and is also active in the UK and Ireland. Aida: “At the moment, we’re also expanding into Germany and Spain. More than 3,000 companies use Payt’s services. The great thing is that all our customers – big and small – can benefit from our expansions and software developments. Or our extra features, like pre-financing invoices or the link to Rabo Smart Pay, Rabobank’s payment platform.”

Invoice Financing

“We believe that our customers sometimes need extra financial room while they’re waiting for an invoice to be paid”, as Aida explains about the new form of financing. “We therefore recently introduced the Invoice Financing product for Rabobank customers to our platform, which allows them to get paid for an invoice quickly, and for favorable conditions. It’s a great complementary service.”

Embedded Services

With the plugins for Invoice Financing and Rabo Smart Pay, Payt is using several of Rabobank’s embedded services. “We also link their financial products and services to our own platform, so that entrepreneurs can utilize them without having to log out. For example, to make it easier for their own customers to pay. That partnership provides great benefits for everyone.”


The benefits of offering Embedded Services as a partner

As a partner, Embedded Services allow you to:

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