De shopknop op een neppe toetsenbord

Selling and paying online anywhere, anytime via myShop

From webshops to ticket terminals: entrepreneurs can turn to myShop to sell products and services via every imaginable online platform. According to CEO Marcel Ambriola, payment is as easy as pie thanks to the link with Rabo Smart Pay.

All-in-one online solution

“myShop began as around the year 2000. In 2012, my partner and I took over the company and changed the name to With myShop, we offer an all-in-one solution for companies looking for a webshop, ticketing service, online platform or dealer shop. The companies can build and manage their own online sales platform via myShop, using their own house style. We developed the underlying platform ourselves, together with a fixed team of developers and flexible staff for larger projects.”

Thousands of products

“One of the unique things about our system is that we’ve developed highly efficient solutions in the field of data management. That makes it possible for businesses to describe hundreds of thousands of products in their webshop, for example. Their customers can then find the products easily using a search engine, which is vital for a large webshop. That’s especially useful for companies with a wide selection of different products, like 123 Autolakken. We also have a handy product configurator that the entrepreneur’s customers can use to configure customized products in the webshop.”

NFC code cards

“We’ve also started offering more custom solutions since 2012, like a ticket shop we built especially for the Waterbus in Rotterdam. We’re also doing something similar in Antwerp, where subscription holders can use plastic cards with an NFC code to check in on the boats. We see these kinds of solutions as a kind of webshop too. What we offer is a platform where entrepreneurs can sell physical or online products and services. And we’re constantly making new strides. For example, we’re currently developing a webshop platform that offers even easier access for entrepreneurs to build a webshop easily and in no time. The great thing is that companies can continue to grow with us. From small and simple, they can grow larger and larger until they eventually need custom-tailored solutions.”

Payment made easy

“Since the very beginning, myShop has collaborated with Rabobank as the payment service provider within the platform. We offer webshops a link to the online payment system Rabo Smart Pay. That means entrepreneurs who build and maintain a webshop via us can easily link with Rabo Smart Pay and offer their customers a wide range of options to pay for their services and products. And it works perfectly!”