Hand holding a telephone with code displayed on screen

Third party apps now link seamlessly with Rabo SmartPin

Rabo SmartPin and the SmartPin app can turn a smartphone into a PIN machine in no time. Until recently, links to cash register, invoicing and registration apps could only be realized using an app-in-app solution. But now developers can seamlessly integrate the systems using the SmartPin SDK.

Simple and fast

The SmartPin SDK is one of the first tools for developers and third parties to be offered via the new Rabobank developers portal.

“We started receiving more requests to bypass the SmartPin app entirely”, recalls Dick van de Kamp, product owner of offline and online payments.”

“Thanks to the SDK, developers now have more options for linking Rabo SmartPin directly to innovative third party apps.”

Smart links

There are currently four parties that have created an app-in-app link using the SmartPin app. One of them is Straight Systems, which builds cash register systems that are linked to administrative, financial and HR systems. They have linked the SmartPin app to an app that records all of the minor transactions, which care provider performed the work, and for which client. That gives both the client and the care institution better insight into all of their costs and income.

More convenient

“Solutions like those offered by Straight Systems are wonderful, but they often have login problems due to the app-in-app structure. This is because users still have to enter the PIN code for the SmartPin app”, Van de Kamp explains. “Full integration eliminates that problem, making it more convenient to use in the process. The user only has to deal with the third party app, which makes SmartPin even more attractive to parties that work with larger numbers of people, and therefore have to purchase several devices.”

Back-end API

In follow-up to the front-end link via the SmartPin SDK, it will soon be possible to fully integrate the back-end as well. Van de Kamp: “A back-end API will make it possible to manage the SmartPin entirely from one’s own application and truly bypass the SmartPin app. That will also make it possible to request client transactions and manage the product catalog from the third party’s own app. We hope that the SDK, and eventually the API, will challenge developers to link even smarter apps to Rabo SmartPin.”