From accessible pilot to full integration

As a partner, Rabobank offers you several options to join us in experimenting with embedded lending via your platform.

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Limited integration

Link from your platform to the Rabobank for financing offers. No transactions or customer data are exchanged.

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Partial integration

Your customer can share their data from your platform with Rabobank to request a loan offer. Rabobank can then present the offer to your customer on its own platform.

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Full integration

Your customer can request Invoice Financing within your own platform. You collect the necessary data and share them using an API. Then you can present the financing offer to your customer within your platform. Rabobank will only contact the customer if the offer is accepted.

Invoice Financing from the Bizcuit app

Entrepreneurs who use the Bizcuit app have a button in their invoice overview that they can press to have an invoice pre-financed. With a single click of the mouse, the invoice details are automatically added to the application flow. Rabobank’s algorithm then checks the possibilities. If everything is in order, then the entrepreneur receives an offer. Once the offer is approved, the money is transferred to the entrepreneur’s account within 24 hours.

From pilot to full integration with SnelStart

Rabobank and SnelStart have begun a pilot project for the Invoice Financing product. Together, we use Agile work methods to examine how the implementation and integration progress, in order to improve them step-by-step. Testing small, and rolling out big is our goal. Rabobank is always looking for similar businesses that want to set up pilot projects together in the field of embedded lending.

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Offering Rabo Embedded Services as a partner

As a partner of Rabobank, you can leverage our financial products and services on your own channels. We provide these through APIs, allowing you to integrate them directly into your platform.

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