Business Account Insight

With Business Account Insight, your customers receive up-to-date account information directly in your platform.

    Retrieves account information several times per dayOffer your customer a comprehensive overview of their bookkeepingOptimize the customer journey in your system
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Real-time account information with Business Account Insight

With the Business Account Insight APIs, your customers receive up-to-date account information, including current balance and transaction details, via a fully automated process directly in your platform. That makes it a lot easier for them to keep up with their financial administration and bookkeeping.

How does it work?

Business Account Insight consists of three APIs that collect different types of information from Rabobank:

    Accounts API: this API collects information about the linked account(s), such as currency type, account numbers and account holder names; Balances API: this API gives the customer insight into their current account balances; Transactions API: This API reads the data for credits and debits from the linked Rabobank accounts into your platform.

To use Business Account Insight via your platform, the account holder must grant authorization for the use of their account details in your platform. The main features include:

    Insight into business debit and savings accounts The APIs retrieve data several times per day Customer only needs to grant approval one time

The benefits of Business Account Insight

Enrich your service package

By utilizing the Business Account Insight APIs in your bookkeeping system, you can expand your product’s possibilities, which makes your platform more interesting for your customers.

Insight and overview

With the API, your customers can easily organize their entire financial administration via your platform. All of their business debit and savings accounts can be linked via the APIs.

Up-to-date account information

Utilizing the APIs in your platform gives your customer up-to-date information about their financial administration, without having to log in to the bank.

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Rabo Bookkeeping APIs

The Business Account Insight APIs are part of the Rabo Bookkeeping API. Would you like to know more about the Rabo Bookkeeping APIs?

Find out more about the Rabo Bookkeeping API

How do you request Business Account Insight?


Step 1:

Sign in to the Developer Portal, create an account and register your organization. Please note: to use the API, you must have an active Rabobank account.


Step 2:

Abonneer je op de Business Account Insight API's.


Step 3:

Create your app in the Rabobank Developer Portal and test it your Sandbox account. Once everything works and has been tested, you can request ‘go live’.


Step 4:

Request ‘go live’ to activate the API. A Rabobank implementation manager will then contact you to arrange the contracts. Once the contracts have been signed, you can go live with the API and integrate it into your system.

Would you like to know more about Business Account Insight?

Would you like more information about Business Account Insight, or do you have any questions?