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CreditEstimate: Make credit assessments faster and better with current account information via PSD2

Do you offer leasing, loans or payments on instalment to small- and medium-sized businesses? Or do you face risks from suppliers or other business partners? If so, then CreditEstimate might be right for you. CreditEstimate is a neutral tool that makes it possible to generate a cash flow analysis and a credit score for your customers via PSD2. That allows you to send your customers an estimate in only three minutes.

The benefits for you as a partner

    Fast, secure and GDPR-compliant Available for all Dutch small- and medium sized enterprises Replace annual figures and slow processes for you and your customer

De kredietscore van CreditEstimate

CreditEstimate: thorough and up-to-date credit report

CreditEstimate uses the transaction data linked by the SME customer and additional data to calculate an up-to-date credit report. This credit report is made up of a cash flow analysis and a credit score. The cash flow analysis provides insight into your customer’s balances and monthly income and expenditures. The credit score is a thorough, up-to-date calculation by Rabobank of the likelihood that the SME customer will meet their payment obligations over the next 12 months. This calculation is based on the model that Rabobank uses internally, and meets the strictest norms for quality and security.

CreditEstimate offers certainty for a wide range of situations where payment occurs after delivery. That allows you to speed up the acceptance process and to implement risk-driven optimizations.

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How CreditEstimate works

You invite your customer to calculate their credit score at You can do that automatically via an API link or manually via the CreditEstimate Admin tool. Once the customer accepts the invitation, they can link their business bank accounts via a secure PSD2 connection and approve the processing of their data. Then the customer can grant permission to share the credit report with you, and they receive a copy as well.

Calculate your credit score at

The benefits for your users

CreditEstimate is used for tasks like accelerating lease applications, supporting loan applications or approving lines of credit. Your customers always maintain control over the data they share. CreditEstimate presents many benefits for your customers:

    Speed – A (preliminary) offer within 3 minutes Simple – Much more convenient than providing annual figures Transparent – The customer always decides which data to share Secure – The platform security is arranged by Rabobank

The benefits of CreditEstimate in your platform

CreditEstimate is an innovation product by Rabobank that marks a new era of information exchange. With our credit report, you can assess your business customers based on factors such as liquidity, and therefore their ability to pay. This digital focus from contact to contract makes it possible for us to take work out of the hands of our partners and their customers.

Six benefits

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Cost savings

Full automation means you don’t have to analyse annual figures, while making no concessions on accuracy. Existing customers save 15-45 minutes of working time per customer, and can present an offer immediately.



The credit report is calculated based on the transaction data for the past 12 months. This provides the most up-to-date insight into the business’ creditworthiness.



The SME customer only shares the credit report with their business partner, and not the underlying transaction data. These are only shared with CreditEstimate.

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The calculation of the credit score is fully automated, and is equivalent to Rabobank’s internal financial calculation model. This calculation model was created using advanced machine learning technologies, combined with our years of experience as a loan provider for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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Broad coverage

CreditEstimate allows you to evaluate any business entity with a Dutch bank account. That also makes it suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs and general partnerships that aren’t required to submit an annual report.

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Thanks to full automation, the CreditEstimate calculation only takes two or three minutes. That means you can send your customers an estimate or offer in only three minutes.

How do you integrate CreditEstimate into your acceptance process?

As a cooperative bank, we prefer to work together with partners to realize and improve our products. That means we enter into a close collaboration during the process in order to understand your needs and those of your customers, and to make sure that the product addresses those needs. And we do that at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. In the process, we deal with every relevant issue, such as technical implementation, the business case, the objectives, the customer journey, marketing activities and the learning & optimization agenda. Our partner manager is the main point of contact, but a team of innovation experts is always standing by to make the implementation a success.


Discover the opportunities

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our partner managers to see how the CreditEstimate can strengthen your acceptance process. We would be happy to tell you more about market developments, the product and the valuable benefits for you and your customer. You can ask any question you like, and we’d be happy to brainstorm with you.


Exploration and business case

Together, we will explore how CreditEstimate can strengthen your processes. We’ll look at the business case and discuss the goals and general timeline. We’ll also make an estimate of the work and capacity needed for the realization.


Integration & activation workshops

CreditEstimate can be integrated either low-tech or via an API. In the low-tech integration, you will have access to a convenient Admin Panel where you can manually invite your customers and view the reports they share. In the API integration, you can automate the invitations and receive the credit reports directly in your own systems. We always organize activation workshops with your employees and partners who will be using the report, or with the clients who will be discussing this new acceptance method with your customer.

Improve your customer’s experience with CreditEstimate

Would you like to learn more about CreditEstimate, or to discuss how the service can enrich your processes? Then please feel free to contact us!