Empower your customers with a Business Financing in your Platform

Accelerate your customers' growth with easy Business Financing from Rabobank. Without annual figures, they can apply for a loan or credit of up to € 100,000 within 5 minutes based on their transaction data, all directly through your platform.

    Whether you offer accounting, e-commerce or payment services, Embedded Finance fits into any platform.
Zakelijke Financiering in jouw platform

Embedded Finance: give your customers room to grow

Do your customers have retail or ecommerce turnover? Then Embedded Finance can be a great addition to your service offering. With Embedded Finance, your end-users can easily request financing based on their transaction data. This way, you facilitate essential investments such as marketing campaigns or inventory management with our reliable integration options.

The benefits for your users

The benefits of Flexible Financing include:

    Fast and convenient. Loan applications can be submitted directly in your platform within 10 minutes. Low banking rates. Customers can request a loan of € 5,000 - € 250,000 with a term of 3 to 12 months. Available for business customers of Rabobank, ING and ABN AMRO.

Would you like to test whether Flexible Financing adds value for your end users? Or would you like to integrate the service directly into your software? Then please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available.

The benefits of Embedded Finance in your platform


You help your clients grow faster

Research shows that entrepreneurs with financing grow up to 2.2 times faster than those without financing.

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Enrich your service offering

You respond to customer needs by enriching your service offering and reduce customer losses by up to 75%.


Generate additional income

Generate additional income by integrating Embedded Finance into your platform. You share in the profits.

Zakelijke Financiering in jouw platform

Discover the ease of Rabobank Financing

Entrepreneurs can choose either a loan or a credit in the application process. For a one-off investment in, say, extra stock in preparation for a peak period, the loan is widely used. For investments throughout the year, in marketing, for example, the credit is preferred by entrepreneurs. They apply for a financing in 5 minutes, directly in your platform.

Want to know if Embedded Finance adds value for your end users?

How do you integrate Embedded Finance into your platform?

From low-threshold testing to full integration. Together with our partners, we like to think about how Embedded Finance fits within the platform and your customers' needs. We work together on the plan that includes the goals, business case, customer journey, marketing activities, technical alignment and optimisation.


Discover possibilities and opportunities

Have a no-obligation discussion with a partner manager to see how Embedded Finance can strengthen your platform. We will tell you more about market developments, the product and how it adds value for you and your customer. You can ask all your questions and we will be happy to think along with you.


Exploration and business case

Together, we will explore how Embedded Finance can strengthen your platform. Here, we look at the business case and discuss the goals and rough planning. We also make an estimate of the work and capacity required to achieve this.


Customer validation, customer journey & activation workshops

Customer relevance underlies the decision to integrate Embedded Finance. To make the product successful within your platform, we conduct several interviews to better map out the potential of the integration and outline the customer journey. Our marketing experts think and work with you to familiarise your customers with the new payment option.


Engage in the partnership!

Now that we have a clear plan, it's time to sign autographs and toast to a successful collaboration! After this happy moment, we officially join hands to successfully implement Embedded Finance in your platform.

Offer your customers Embedded Finance

Would you like to learn more about Embedded Finance, or to discuss how the service can enrich your platform? Then please feel free to contact us!